Ultrasonic welding: Device and methods
Adisak Bootwong *
Faculty of Technology, Udon thani Rajabhat University, Thaharn Road, Muang, Udon Thani 41000


Ultrasonic welding is a welding method that depends on the high resonance frequency vibration of the welding tip. The heat generated due to the friction of welding tip piece occupies the area of contact with the specimen or specimen contact. The specimens were joined when the temperature increased. This article is a review of the literatures and reports of the ultrasonic welding. The main results are discussion on the factors of ultrasonic welding, including the principle of method, performance of device, type of specimens that can joined with this method and variables that affect the weld. Moreover, the behaviors of the weld were clearly explained for in a piece of metal and plastic. As results, it was clearly confirmed the ultrasonic welding involves the use of optimal frequency, amplitude, and the materials of horn using. In addition, this research also identifies weaknesses of past research and suggestions for future works in ultrasonic welding.

Keywords : Ultrasonic welding