A Review of Turbulent Flow Heat Transfer in a Circular Tube with Twisted Tape
Suthin Pholboorn *
Department of Mechanical Technology, Faculty of Technology, Udon Thani Rajabhat University.


Turbulent flow was applied in heat exchanger for increasing of heat transfer by using passive technique which generally used surface or geometrical modifications to the flow channel by inserts or additional devices. For example, inserting extra device, swirl generating device and rough surface device. Twisted tape is the device to create the swirl flow to use in heat exchanger because of increasing of heat transfer enhancement and cheap of equipment. This paper collected literatures which applied the twisted tape to provide by turbulent flow for the Reynolds number range of 3,000 to 22,000. This paper presented heat transfer rate, friction factor and thermal performance factor. The result from the literature review found that the maximum thermal performance is 1.42 of twisted tape with alternate-axes and triangular, rectangular and trapezoidal wings and the minimum thermal performance is 1.17 of serrated twisted tape.

Keywords : Twisted tape, Heat exchanger, Turbulent flow, Swirl flow