An Iterative Detection and Correction Technique for Insertion and Deletion Errors in Bit-Patterned Media Recording Systems
Santi Koonkarnkhai 1* Kunlaya Charoenmongkonvilai 2 and Piya Kovintavewat 1
1 Data Storage Technology Research Center, Nakhon Pathom Rajabhat University.
2 Multimedia Technology Department, Faculty of Science and Technology, Nakhon Pathom Rajabhat University.


Bit patterned media recording (BPMR) is a promising technology to replace the current recording technology because it can achieve an areal density up to 4 tera-bit per square inch (Tbit/in2). However, BPMR faces with new challenging issues, such as intertrack interference, intersymbol interference, media noise, and insertion/deletion error, which can degrade the system performance if precautions are not taken care of. Because the insertion/deletion error is one of the major problems in BPMR systems, this work presents an iterative decoding scheme for BPMR systems to combat the insertion/deletion errors by jointly performing the trellis-based detection for insertion/deletion errors, a VT code, and turbo equalization. Simulation results show that at a code rate of 0.808, the proposed scheme performs better than the conventional receiver, in terms of both bit-error rate and sector-error rate, especially when the number of iterations increases.

Keywords : Bit-patterned media recording, Insertion and deletion errors, Synchronization error