Application of Eco-Efficiency for the Sustainable Development of Automotive Parts Industry
Charlearmkwun Meksuk * and Thirawat Chuntuk
Faculty of Management Science. Silpakorn University Petchaburi IT Campus.


The development and expansion of the country’s economy has resulted in increased use of resources in the manufacturing operation process. The application of Eco-Efficiency principles in the development of the automotive parts industry for sustainability those focus on balancing the economic dimension along with the environmental dimension in improving the quality of life in a social dimension to sustainability. Therefore, the development of the automotive parts industry requires the production sector to be balanced, stable and sustainable by enhancing the strengths of the automotive parts industry. To promote and develop the industry that consistent with the basic performance of the country which is benefit to the development of future economic. Implementing Eco-Efficiency is a management tool for the automotive parts industry to be more competitive with responsibility for natural resources and the environment. It is a principle to maximize business efficiency coupled with the efficient use of natural resources and reducing pollution. This is what makes the industry sustainable in the future.

Keywords: Eco-Efficiency, Automotive Parts Industry , Sustainable