Working Loss Reduction of Para Rubber Plantation Farmers Using Ergonomics Assessment : A Case Study in Manung District, Stun Province Area
Weerachai Madtharak *
Industrial Management Technology, of Faculty Industrial Technology Songkhla Rajabhat University.


This research aims to study the working loss reduction of para rubber plantation farmers using Ergonomics Assessment. The study on farmer’s working found that their working loss caused by unnecessary in step of making a thin rubber sheet and it is affected to bad for health. In this study, The RULA and REBA technique were used to monitoring and assessment of ergonomics problems. The result of using RULA techniques showed that the mean score of problem was 7 which indicated that the ergonomic problem must be immediately corrected. Likewise using REBA techniques was found to have mean score of problem 11, indicating the high risk. This need to check and change gestures immediately. The design and constructions of rubber sheet machine as well as monitoring and assessment of ergonomics problems using RULA technique found that the mean score of problem was reduced from 7 to 3. Similarly, REBA technique showed that the mean score of problem was reduced from 11 to 4. The result of satisfaction assessment from pre and post improvement were increased score from 3.28 (pre-improvement) to 4.12 (post-improvement). This result indicated that this improvement program could reduce the ergonomics problems and increase satisfaction level.

Keywords : Waste, Body Movement, Ergonomics, Rubber Plantation Farmers