Management of Environmental Sustainability and Eco-industrial Town Development in Thailand
Jirarat Teeravaraprug 1and Tarathorn Podcharathitikull 2*
1 Department of Industrial Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Thammasat University Rangsit Campus, Pathumthani.
2 Department of Industrial Engineering Technology, College of Industrial Technology, King Mongkut University of Technology North Bangkok.


This article aims to study the connectivity of sustainable development, management of environmental sustainability, eco-industrial development, and development of eco-industrial town. Comparisons of the four concepts and indices as well as the means to develop eco-industrial towns are presented. The study finds that the four concepts are in harmony but some do not carry out the whole ideas. In the sustainable development concept, all people, earth, prosperity, peace, and cooperation are considered but only people and earth are considered in the management of environmental sustainability concept. However, the concepts of eco-industrial development and development of eco-industrial town carry all ideas of sustainable development and consider all five dimensions. Based on the performance indices of development of eco-industrial town, the concept do not include scopes and limitations of operations for examples laws, regulations, and governmental policies. In order to have success eco-industrial towns, all operations should synchronize the laws, regulations, and governmental policies.

Keywords : Sustainable development, Management of environmental sustainability, Eco-industrial town development