Improvement Production Line of Auto Part Using Industrial Engineering Tools
Amornrat Pinchaioon * Natthaphol Siriruk and Sirapong Lueachai
Industrial Engineering Major, Department of Engineering, Rajamangala University and Technology Lanna, Chiang Rai.


In this research, we improved production line of auto parts: case study of main power A-Plat No. 1 line especially effected that back order as 16.50 percentages. The result of in case study was found that the mainly problems in this process were over process and endless process, our researches interested to elimination of wastes in the process. The firstly, the process study was improved by engineering tools such as work study and time study; it typically was analyzed by seven wastes in this process. The problems of process was analyzed by Fish bone diagram. The ECRS principle had improved in process efficiency and the result was found that the process time continuously reduced from 17.27 to 14.93 seconds per piece, percentage as 13.55% for station 1 and process time at station 2 reduced from 19.21 to 15.70 seconds per piece, percentage as 18.27%. The productivity of process increased from 187 to 220 pieces per hour and 84.73 to 90.89% for balancing process. The backorder had decreased from 16.50 to 13.22%.

Keywords : ECRS principle, Line balancing, Work study, Industrial engineering tools