Preparation of Hydrogels by Redox Initiation Via Free Radical Polymerisation for Biomedical use as Wound Dressings Chinanat Witthayaprapakorn 1*, Runglawan Somsunan 2, Robert Molloy 2 1 Department of Science (Chemistry), Faculty of Sciences and Agricultural Technology, RMUTL, Chiang Mai Campus, Thailand 2 Biomedical Polymers Technology Unit, Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Sciences, Chiang Mai University, Thailand

Preparation of hydrogels for biomedical use as wound dressings was studied. A partially hydrated hydrogel of sodium 2-acrylamido-2-methylpropanesulfonate (Na-AMPS) was prepared by redox initiation via free radical polymerisation in aqueous solution. The results showed that the hydrogel sheets had good coherency. The equilibrium water absorption (EWC) of hydrogel sheet was 98%, reaching to equilibrium within 30 min and the water molecule evaporated from the hydrogel up to 240 min at water retention of 22%. The WVT rate of Na-AMPS hydrogel was about 85 g/ which was in the range of commercial products. The oxygen permeability of the hydrogel sheet was about 300-400 x 10-11 Finally, it was found that this hydrogel was non-toxic that suitable for use in biomedical application.

คำสำคัญ : Redox initiation, Hydrogel, Wound dressings